Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Knit Accompli

In my infinite folly, I decided to cover a few minor stitching boo-boos on Ember's Gossamer Scarf with clear glass seed beads. I knew the scarf wouldn't run where my stitches were lacking. Heck, I couldn't have frogged the thing if I'd tried what with all the little hairs of Moe happily mating with each other. But I love my Mother-in-law-in-law and wanted her scarf to be the best possible.

I spent three days sewing seed beads onto that scarf; probably about 400 in all. It looks damn fine, like dainty little drops of frozen water sitting on the soft green lace.

Will I ever do it again?

Hell No!

I also knit three wash cloths of Sugar 'n Cream cotton as cabin gifts. They are practical, not pretty, and they certainly helped keep my hands and brain from trembling with seed bead overdose.


Iron Needles said...

Sometimes we need ourselves a good dishcloth calmin' down from our knitting craziness, don't we?

The scarf looks marvelous, too. Congrats on surviving the mohair.

AlisonH said...

It's gorgeous! And the dishcloths are great fun. I wonder, does anybody find Cracksilk Haze easy to knit? I've got a stash of it that I'm debating knitting with a skein of superfine laceweight to help hold it on my needles better and force it to behave. Blasphemy, I know.

Wunx~ said...

Thank you.:-)

I think taming it with laceweight makes a whole lot of sense. Heck, I think taming it with a whip and a chair wouldn't be going too far.