Monday, April 27, 2009

Chemo Cap Pattern

I just found out that a friend's teenage daughter has leukemia. She's been undergoing treatment and seems to be responding well, but, you know how it is with hair, it doesn't like the insult of chemotherapy.

As is so often the case these days, I decided to say I care by knitting her a gift, a chemo cap.

The Patons Bohemian is increadibly soft, machine washable and quick and easy to knit.

Cuddly Chemo Cap
This cap can be knit either on a 16" circular needle, changing to double points when necessary, or by using the Magic Loop technique on a long circular needle, or two shorter circular needles.

20" circumference, but stretches
Gauge, 2 stitches per inch.
1 skein Patons Bohemian (uses about 2/3 of the skein)
Size 11, or size to get gauge, needle(s) for knitting in the round
Tapestry needle
Cast on 40 stitches using long tail method.
Join circle, making sure not to twist stitches.
Place marker at first stitch and knit about 6 inches.
Decrease Rounds
Row 1 Beginning at marker *k2tog, K7*
Row 2 *k*
Row 3 *k2tog, k6*
Row 4 *k*
Row 5 *k2tog, k5*
Row 6 *k*
Row 7 *k2tog, k4*
Row 8 *k2tog, k3*
Row 9 *k2tog, k2*
Row 10 *k2tog, k1*
Row 11 *k2tog* Leaving 5 stitches on needle(s)
Cut yarn leaving 8 inch tail, thread onto tapestry needle and run through 5 stitches remaining on knitting needle(s). Cinch tightly and weave in tail. Weave in tail at bottom edge of hat.
Cut a 24 inch length of yarn, thread onto tapestry needle at pull through stitches at top of hat. Adjust so approximately half of yarn is on each side, then tie a bow. Knot the ends of the yarn so it doesn't disintegrates.

Can be worn with edge flat or rolled as in picture.

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KC said...

I'm sorry about your friend's daughter. She should love the hat.