Monday, March 30, 2009

Civil War Shawl Redux

Redux is my word of the day. ("Like a Phoenix from the ashes" sounded a little overly dramatic.)
I am now on pattern repeat thirteen and a half. Took a long time to get all of the dropped stitches back on the needles in proper order. I doubt it's perfect. My sister is not a knitter, though (except for idiot cloths, which she learned to knit so her hands would be authentically occupied), so I doubt she'll notice.

This does not look like 15 pattern repeats plus edging will be big enough...


Julie said...

You are a talented knitter of some beautiful lace projects! Keep up the great work. Keep in mind that it will grow lots when you block it.

KC said...

It looks great to me.....but then, I have frogged the shawl I am working on 3 times and I have still made some big mistakes. I decided I am just going to use your wonderful pattern as a suggestion and a learning project. Too bad the person I have in mind for it is an expert knitter.