Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Being an incredibly graceful creature, one of my problems when knitting is the amazing escaping yarn ball. Of course, the cats are always more than willing to help the yarn misbehave as well. So what to do?

Mostly I've been using onion bags. They make excellent yarn keepers, but they're light and I have a tendency to pull too hard when getting yarn and end up dumping the whole shebang on the floor. Plus they just aren't very... sophisticated... looking.

Fortunately, I like to play with clay too, so I made myself a couple of prototype yarn bowls.

Came out pretty well if I do say so myself.

I think the hook bowl is the more versatile. I've knit half a washrag using it. Just stuck the skein into the bowl and fed the center-pulled yarn through the hook. It draws easily and the yarn seems to sit securely.

The upside down bowl with the hole is more kitty proof, but you can't quickly and easily change yarn like you can with the hook bowl. If you're not going to be changing yarn that shouldn't make a difference.

Analyzing the bowls for this blog entry is giving me further design ideas. I think I'll go play in the mud some more to test them out.

I do enjoy being ambicrafterous.


KC said...

So pretty and functional. Plus making up new words can be added to your list of talents.

Wunx~ said...

Aw, heck fire, I don't consider making up words a talent, just a necessity when I don't have the right one for the job.

Sara said...

I want one! Do you plan to sell these. PLease?