Friday, July 24, 2009

Yarn Quest - Chapter One

Since I've only been knitting a year and a half, I'm not sure how long it's been going on, but the Local Yarn Stores in the Salt Lake Valley have an annual "Yarn Quest." This year seven stores put on the Quest: The Black Sheep, Blazing Needles, Kamille's, Three Wishes, Unraveled Ewe, Unspun, The Wool Cabin (links to all the stores are on the right side bar.) Questers received a punch card at the first store visited. After visiting all seven, the filled out punch card was turned in and the participant entered for prizes of amazing fibery goodness.

My friend, KC, and I met at 10:00 at Blazing Needles and started questing. KC driving, we forged bravely ahead for several hours (okay, I admit, we did stop for lunch) until our cards were completed.

I am a weak woman, consumed by yarn lust. I opened my wallet in every one of those seven stores.

But look at the great loot I got:

Hey, some of this stuff I really needed. Like the Nutmeg Tones Panda Silk, now I can knit the last four napkin rings to complete the set of twelve the Engineer wants. And the two skeins of green DK Panda Silk. I'll make a set of a dozen napkin rings for ForceOfNature for Christmas -- she's 110% Irish, green's her color. And the Feather Duster Shawl pattern, it's Susan's newest pattern, gotta support Susan, not to mention it's gorgeous. I have big plans for the other stuff too, but can't mention them on my oh so public blog, the intended recipients might guess what is headed their way eventually.

There was only one - well, two - totally impulse buys. The baby jacket pattern and the multi-color handpaint. But it wouldn't have been right to buy from five stores and ignore the other two, now would it?

Tomorrow, Chapter Two

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Iron Needles said...

Very sweet. I think the nutmeg panda silk is what I used for Sister's 6 states sox.