Wednesday, December 2, 2009

The Oh So Stylin' Puppy Ear Hat

You can wear it with the dangles hanging.

Or you can knot them snug under your chin when the cold wind blows.

If it's a bit warmer out, you can tie the dangles up top for the classic Dutch girl look.

But wait, there's more!

Don't you think the tassels look like puppy ears and tail from the back?



Kate said...

LOVE it!

Can I commission you to do one to match my snowshoeing sweater? I would be so stylin'...

KC said...

I am so impressed how you figure things out like that. It turned out great and will be so warm.

Anonymous said...

Awesome! Do you do mutts? b

Wunx~ said...

Thank you ladies.

Kate -- but I still haven't made that sweater for GoodDog.

KC -- The secret is... graph paper.

b -- I think the puppies actually look way more like mutts than cocker spaniels.

veggievixen said...

that's so cute!!! i wish i was that skilled at knitting. crocheting is more my thing.