Saturday, October 16, 2010

Campolmi Roberto Filati

When I was in Florence in September, I went to the biggest yarn store in town, Campolmi Roberto Filati.It presents a modest storefront tucked into a small alley under the shadow of Il Duomo. If I hadn't seen the two bright skeins of yarn tacked up by the open door, I might have passed it by.

The store had two rooms packed floor to ceiling with yarn.

I bought two skeins of this

to make baby stuff.

And, I thought, this single skein of shiny cotton.

Turns out the cotton was a mistake. It's several lengths all tangled together. I am trying to untangle it and wind it into a ball - or balls. I suspect it's going to take forever. I like the yarn, though, so shiny, so soft, such a wonderful color.

Dang, I hope that one day I actually get it into shape to knit with...

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KC said...

Looks like heaven for you. Too bad about the cotton yarn but it is beautiful.