Thursday, April 17, 2008

Baby Bootie Blues

I knit the first baby bootie a couple of weeks ago then paused in that endeavour to knit the hat for my brother.

Now I can't seem to match the tension on the first bootie.

I tried once, it was too big.

The yarn is really fuzzy, so it tangles with itself when knitted and is almost impossible to unravel, so I had to frog the slipper and start over.

I tried again, it was too small. But I caught that one after only a half-dozen rows.

Frogged it again.

I hope, like Goldylocks, I finally find one that's just right. Because this is really old yarn and it isn't being made any more.

As an aside: Frogging, to frog, I frogged that sucker. I have interpreted that to mean scragged with venom in knitting parlance. I suspect it stands in for stronger words.

I do it frequently. I like having a colorful word for it.


Iron Needles said...

So...if you share your rav id, I'll share mine....


Wunx~ said...

I go by wunx on Ravelry too. It's been my Internet identity for about 15 years.

I like your stuff, especially the forest canopy shawl. Wow! I hope I get that good some day.