Tuesday, April 15, 2008

New To Knitting

I've known how to knit since I was in grade school -- kinda. I could cast a bunch of half-hitches on to one needle and stick the other needle in, wrap the yarn between them and pop off a stitch. I had no idea of how to perl, increase, decrease or cast off, however.

I knit one scarf in college. It was about 12 feet long, Dr. Who would have been jealous. Since I didn't know how to cast off, I pulled out my trusty crochet hook and crocheted it off.

I could crochet like a demon if I felt like it. Crocheting was totally free form and I could go pretty much anywhere my imagination took me.

I finally learned how to perl in February. I borrowed Knitting for Dummies from the library and went at it.

It simply did not make any sense until I switched from English/American style with the yarn in the right hand to Continental style with the yarn in the left hand. Even though I can perl as fast as I can knit (not very) Continental, I still can't do it by throwing the yarn right-handed. Perhaps this is yet another proof that my brain is in sideways.

I must be pretty tickled with finally learning how to knit and perl, though, since I've started a new blog to celebrate. Here are the pages in my other blog about knitting just in case anyone's interested:
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