Thursday, May 22, 2008

Addicted to SEX

Sigh. I should have known it would happen. I've always had the proclivity. Now it's not safe to go near temptation. I gotta have it.

Yarn. I'm in love.

Oh, for anyone who's not a knit-wit, SEX stands for Stash Enhancing eXpedition.

That's what I did when the Engineer (my husband) dragged me to Houston at the beginning of the month. On my last day there, I was left all alone until having to catch a 9:30 p.m. flight home. I had a car, so I took my revenge by hitting a couple of yarn stores on the way out of town. Ended up with 16 skeins of yarn stuffed into my carry-on.

What can I say besides, I wish Yarns2Ewe was located here in the Salt Lake valley. It's a silly name, but a honking huge store with a bazillion different yarns. Not just the common stuff, but exotic (read $$$) fibers too. He's lucky I stuck with cash and was limited to the size of my carry-on. I could have done some serious damage to a credit card.

My stash has now outgrown the plastic quilt bag. I've never counted the file box, it's old synthetics and bits and pieces left over from my mother-in-law's stash, not worthy of being counted. Now I have: 1. The Planned Projects Quilt Bag; 2. The Multiple Skeins Unplanned Quilt Bag; 3. The Gotta Find Another Quilt Bag for the Single Skeins and Worthy Odds and Ends.

True, it's not much more than a rank neophyte's stash, but I've got potential.

Yesterday I wanted to pick up a skein of dark green, light weight synthetic to make a quickie headband for a friend's birthday. I came home with one $4 skein of Berroco Comfort DK and one skein of (but gee it was on sale for only $20) Spunky Eclectic Super Nova sock yarn.

I'm doomed.

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Iron Needles said...

Welcome to the dark side! I buy very frugally (almost always on sale), but still have managed to buy more than I have knit up.

And I am knitting as fast as I can...