Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Blocking, Blockhead, Something Like That...

The Civil War shawl is finally blocking in the primary guest room. (Are the Engineer and I weird? All of the rooms in our house have names.) KC, who is one good cookie, has said she will model it for my camera tomorrow, so watch this space for further photos.

I went on Ravelry to look at some of the 1354 versions of Susan Lawrence's Forest Canopy shawl just for comparison and was amazed at looking at how quickly so many of the people who knit this pattern turned it out. A couple of days in many cases.

Took me a month.

I think I must be the world's slowest knitter.

Or maybe I just make and fix the most boo-boos.


Iron Needles said...

Very nice!

I'm curious...if you only have one guest, do they always get the primary guest room? Or do you bump them down, depending on your ...estimation... of them? :)

Kate said...

I don't know if you're slow or not but I sure think you're talented.

AlisonH said...

That doesn't seem like a long time to me at all. And look what you got for the time spent--it's beautiful!

Wunx~ said...

Thank you ladies, I appreciate the kind words.

Yes, if there's one guest they get the Primary Guest Room - it has cable TV for in-room billing purposes. Second guest gets the Antique Bedroom. Third guest gets wunx~'s Office; fourth guest, sofa bed in the Rec Room. Fifth guest, if compatible with #4, gets fold out bed in Rec Room, if not compatible, gets blow up mattress on Linoleum Room floor. We have had up to eight guests, but it must be admitted that there was some bed sharing going on.

Then we let them fight over the bathrooms.