Thursday, April 23, 2009

Glass Disaster

I'd soaked the Bryce Canyon Cap and stretched it over the glass head to block.Sigh. I guess the smell of wet baby alpaca was too much for Sachi to resist.

Fortunately the sink contained all of the glass shards and the cat wasn't cut.

Unfortunately, none of the Pier 1 Imports in the valley have any glass heads in stock, some guy doing an art installation bought them all up.

Now where can I find a new head?


KC said...

Bummer Wunx. You can get a styrofoam head at the wig place on 3300 South and about 1300 East. The name is Creative Wigs for a mapquest search.

Wunx~ said...

Thanks KC. I hit Modern Display and they had heads starting at $8.95. I splurged and got the $10.95 model.

Iron Needles said...

AGH! I loved glass head...and wanted one of my own.