Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Interim Projects

So what's a knitter to do when she's got aches and pains in her shoulder?

Be chauffeured around by a fine and excellent friend while yarn questing -- such a loverly friend who wins the grand prize and insists on sharing.

Done. (July 25)

Go buy more yarn for when she gets better.

Done. (July 24)

Just for the heck of it, dye some yarn with Kool-Aid.

Done. (July 29)

Abandon the multicolor baby blanket that requires juggling five skeins of yarn.

Done, sadly and temporarily. Baby's due in September, so I'd better get back on it soon!
Knit on little projects that don't strain the shoulder.

A. Napkin rings - eight down, four to go. B. GoatGuy's scarf - half done. C. The Snakelace - knitting's done, now to make a head and tail for it. (The head it has now, I drew and pasted on in Photoshop.)
Learn a new technique: entrelac. Knit a little something for my generous friend out of one of the prize yarns she shared with me.

Working on this one.

And last, and definitely least, ignore the blogging.

Bad Blogger!

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