Tuesday, October 20, 2009

How's This For an Excuse

The reason I've been such a bad blogger (besides my inate badness) is that I've been knitting birthday presents.

Last night they went to the birthday girls. They are leg warmers for the charter members of the Friday Afternoon Hiking Club. I shall blog about the creative process within the next day or so.

Sunglasses added, as usual, to protect the innocent.


KC said...

Love the leg warmers Wunx, Thanks! The photo made me laugh....looks like we are trying out to be the next contestants on a lesbian Dancing with the Stars. Good thing you put on the sunglasses!

Iron Needles said...

Love the photo! Love the legwarmers! Mostly love that you got the sunglasses to stay on Bad Dog!

Kate said...

Amy you are an evil woman and I shall never feed you again!

Wunx~ said...

But nobody knows who you are, you're in disguise! I think the pic's a hoot, myself.