Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Girl Child in Dangerous Land

Middle of last week I discovered that six of the local yarn stores in the Salt Lake Valley have joined forces for an annual "Yarn Quest." They had "great fibery prizes" and "a fabulous Grand Prize (Bag FULL of knitting goodies) worth about $450!" The stores are scattered from Ogden to Provo. Dang! No way I could hit all of them in three days. I'm not sad, though, the flyer gave me the addresses of three yarn stores I'd never visited.

Monday morning I had an appointment with a blood sucker at the Red Cross in Murray, so I decided to reward myself afterwards with a visit to the Three Wishes Fiber Arts store.

I am lost!

I walked into the store and gazed at a loom and strange spinning devices. To the left was a wall of shelves stocked with big cones of yarn. There were baskets of roving on the floor. I walked back to the left past the loom and my fingers started to twitch. Oh, the yarns Kristine has in her store. I want ALL of them!

So many beautiful yarns. To the back left there was lots and lots of Manos del Uruguay, including the yarn I need to go with the two skeins that kidnapped me at the Wool Cabin. I had to get the Manos. And there were sale yarns in the back room (it is not safe for me to go near sale yarns.) I got two skeins of a manly-man brown, cream and blue-gray wool worsted to make a scarf for my large and manly cousin. And there was a skein of grey/taupe/cream wool that would make a perfect hat for a friend.

Kristine, the owner, knew I was lost. She kept pointing out beautiful fibers to me. I told her she was evil. She grinned. I told her she had the most dangerous yarn store in the valley. and she said, "Good, that's what we want."

Then, the final blow. On the way to the cash register I saw a wonderful yarn, all bronze and gold, pewter, silver and copper. It sang a siren song to me of becoming an evening wrap. It painted pictures of itself all knit up and looking oh so glamorous draped over my shoulders (as if I've ever looked glam in my entire life.)

Kristine laughed as she handed back my plastic. "You kept it under a hundred," she said. If she hadn't been so nice, if she hadn't had such beautiful yarn, I might have had a heart attack when I saw it was all of 37¢ under.

Danger! Danger! I cannot go back there.

I will go back there.


Alison said...

I was so near there, three weeks ago, and wondering out loud to my hubby where the yarn stores were. With a niece's wedding stuff going on, there was no time to hunt out LYSes, but after reading this description I'm rueing the loss of the chance to check them out.

--AlisonH at

Wunx~ said...

If you're ever in this neck o' the woods again, drop me an e-mail and I'll give you a guided tour.