Monday, January 26, 2009

Meme Whacked

Thank you so much Kate, just what every blogger wants is to be whacked with a meme.

The 6th Folder Meme Rules:
1) Go to the 6th folder on your computer.
2) Select the 6th picture in that folder.
3) Write about it.

Kate's difficulty with this is that she claims only to have two folders on her computer: Good Ideas and Bad Ideas, She selected the 6th image (a quaint Irish cottage) from the Good Ideas folder.

My problem is just the opposite. I have eleven drives on my computer and multiple (multiple) nested folders on each drive. Ewww.

So I selected drive #6, which serendipitously happens to be H:\Images2, then folder #6 on the drive which is 11-8-06 and image #6, _MG_3587.CR2.

Here it is turned into a .jpg and ready for viewing.
Absolutely has nothing to do with knitting because I didn't learn how to knit until 15 months after the photo was taken. I think it does, however, show that I've always had a love of color. The crabapple tree with the lovely yellow fruit is outside the library. I had a great time at the library with my camera that day. I'll need to think about whom I can whack in my turn with this meme...


Anonymous said...

Great pic! And I do love the colors that come out in your photos. "Meme Whacked" -- that's too funny! :)

I'm new to knitting and haven't attempted a sock yet. All I've been able to manage are a few scarves and hats. It all seems awkward to me after crocheting for so many years. I'll check back to see how you are doing. Good luck!

KC said...

Wonderful photos Wunx, they have great light. The Birthday socks are sure to be a hit. I love the color you chose and the workmanship looks perfect to me. There are no gifts, in my opinion that are cherished more than than ones that come from the heart and hand.