Thursday, January 8, 2009

When Neighbors Go Good

I have the best across the street neighbors imaginable, they are good and kind and thoughtful. Don't believe me, check out the other blog... down towards the bottom of the entry.

So what, I asked myself, can I do to show my appreciation?

Bet you've already guessed the answer.

Knit them tokens of my esteem.

Here is the Mrs. Good Neighbor Scarf.

It was serendipity. I had one skein of Stacy Charles Ritratto that I'd purchased on clearance sale several months ago. When I saw it, I thought, this looks like Mrs. Good Neighbor, but I hadn't gotten around to knitting it up. Guess what, her favorite color is red. And the yarn worked perfectly with the stitch pattern I decided on. Best of all, she loves it.

Now to finish the one I'm knitting for her husband, Mr. Good Neighbor.

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