Thursday, May 7, 2009

Civil War Shawl Reenacting

My sister received the Civil War Shawl before the reenactment and took it along with her. As per my request, she took some pictures of it. She did not model it herself, however, as it "went with (friend)'s outfit better."

In keeping with the shawl's tradition of all possible boo-boos being made, the friend modeled it wrong side out.

Ah well, ain't that the way it always goes...


KC said...

This is so funny :) I was looking at the photos thinking, Geez, Wunx and her Sister look nothing alike! I was also thinking your usual sunglasses would have been funny too given the out of period aspect. The shawl still looks beautiful and does match her outfit to a tee.

Iron Needles said...

Well, that beats all. Wrong side out! It does look lovely with the outfit, and having lived in town with them there re-enactors, I know a bit of what I speak. I even have a civil war dress or two lurking in the dark abyss of my basement. Nary a chance of that form fitting bodice getting zipped up now,'s been a while.