Thursday, May 28, 2009

Community Knitting

Spent a couple of evenings community knitting all by myself.

Hmm... That doesn't make sense.

Went in to Blazing Needles looking for some special yarn. While I was there, I saw a kindof a yarn and knit squares Christmas tree sorta thing. Of course, I asked what it was.

They had made little yarn muffins out of Shibui sock yarn, placed the muffins in plastic bags along with an instruction sheet, and were giving them out to any customers who were willing to knit a square and return it for a charity quilt.

So I took a bitty bag of Wasabi colorway sock yarn and knitted my community project square all by myself. Now does it make sense?

Sure takes a lot of stitches on size 2 needles in sock yarn to make a 7.5" square.

The big plan is to stitch all of the squares together on World Wide Knit in Public Day. If I can, I will show up with my camera and document the sew-in.

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SewMamaLady said...

That is VERY cool. I love the colors.